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Frequently Asked Questions

The Enlighten 3 is an incredible beast of a machine! Naked Laser Studio was the first in NZ to purchase this latest, state-of-the-art technology, making us the leaders in tattoo removal.

The Enlighten 3 features both Nanosecond and Picosecond technology. Nanosecond pulses are used to break up large ink particles and Picosecond pulses break them down further to even smaller ones. The smaller the particles, the more efficiently the body processes and removes them via the lymphatic system.

Also, our Enlighten 3 uses different wavelengths, which allows us to target all colours and remove them.

Older lasers offer Nanosecond technology only, which breaks ink particles down but generally not small enough for the body to be able to efficiently process and remove them. This explains why with those machines tattoos remain so stubbornly visible, sometimes even after many treatments. The additional Picosecond technology of our Enlighten 3 breaks the ink particles further down, making them much more available for the body to process and remove them, resulting in superior tattoo removal results.

In addition, older lasers use one wavelength only, so they are only effective on black or very dark inks. Our Enlighten 3 uses different wavelengths, which allows us to target all colours specifically and remove them.

The number one question always asked! It is difficult to say exactly how many sessions it takes to remove a tattoo as this depends on how efficiently your body expels the ink fragments via the lymphatic system, your medical history, are you a smoker or not, how old is your tattoo, where it is located and how dense is the ink. The average number treatments is usually 5-8, some have been completed with fewer treatments others with more. Your nurse will give you a more accurate indication upon consultation.

Both time and commitment are required when undergoing tattoo removal, unfortunately it’s not a one treatment quick fix!

It is recommended to leave at least 6-8 weeks between sessions to let your body do its thing and process the ink particles. All patients will see their tattoos fade at different rates. This is due to the individual elements of tattoo’s and how fast your body processes the ink. Some may see complete removal after only a few months, for others however it may take a year or more. The Enlighten 3 is designed to eliminate ink faster and with better results than any other laser so you will have as few treatments as possible. Winning all round!

In many cases yes it will, however you need to be aware that some ink colours are more difficult to clear than others. During your consult your nurse will assess your tattoo and set realistic expectations depending on the type of ink you are removing.

It is uncomfortable. Patients often tell us that it feels like flicking a hot rubber band against their skin.

We offer two types of pain relief: Penthrox which is doctor or nurse only administered pain relief. (This is order in specifically and not kept on site) and powerful numbing cream. Your nurse will work with you to decide which option is best for you depending on your medical history and type of ink to be removed. Treatment is usually very fast and is often finished within minutes or seconds even, depending on size and colour of your tattoo.

The Enlighten 3 is brilliant and has three different wavelengths built into the one machine allowing us to target all colours, however despite this technology, some colours are more difficult to clear than others and may take longer. Skin type also plays a role in tattoo removal with regards to colours, for example caution needs to be used when treating red on a darker skin type. Your nurse will ensure all of this is covered off in your consult and explained to you in detail.

The most common side effects are redness, swelling and bruising. On rare occasions blisters and some scabbing can occur, depending on area and colour treated. Typically
with the Enlighten 3 side effects are reported to be less than with other machines. Your nurse will go through all after care with you to ensure an optimum healing process. By following the aftercare instructions you will ensure your skin heals properly.

Most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately following treatment, although we advise against swimming for 5 days after treatment. Depending on the area of tattoo treated you may need to limit exercise for the next few days so that the area is not affected by friction. Your Nurse will discuss this with you.

Tattoo removal varies greatly between patients due to size, location, depth, density and skin type. This is why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our nurses who will then quote you accordingly. We offer both packages and single pay-as-you-go treatment options. Prices start from $150 per treatment. Your nurse will work with you to decide the best pricing option tailored to your individual ink.

In principle, yes, however there are a number of conditions or situations where treatment is not possible. If for instance you are pregnant then we will ask you to postpone your treatment. Other things we look at are overall health, any medical conditions you may have or medications that you are on. This will all be covered by your nurse during your free consultations.

Any other questions? Just give us a call and book your free consult!